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“Caramel was her name. That carefree look…that infectious laughter forever ringing in my ears. As long as I can remember, I have always had a weakness for curly hair and amber colored eyes. The iris smell of her skin and softness of her hands would drive me so crazy!

I was hopeless and vulnerable whenever she was near, cheeks blushing crimson whilst attempting to poetically approach her. Yet a sensation of calmness and peacefulness would hover over me. Oh, if only I were slightly more courageous, we would always be together, my Caramel!”

Pure cacao butter is first processed together with milk and cane sugar. Then the chocolate paste is caramelized by gently browning the sugar and milk solids. Finally, a pinch of sea salt and vanilla caviar are added to round and enhance the overall taste experience.


Roast level: MEDIUM
Predominant genetics: CRIOLLO
Cacao origin: BLEND




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